Delicious Design FAQ's

How long does the design process take?
All projects are different and therefore we can’t give you an exact time until we discuss your needs together. Timing can range from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the scale of your project(s). For example, a logo design generally takes 3 weeks to a month from start to finish. Any additional branding items from there can add an additional 2 -3 weeks onto the timeline. Depending on the job, we can sometimes accommodate rush orders that ranges from $300 to $500 dollars depending on the time frame and scope of project. Please contact us for specific timing.

Do you work with international clients?
Yes, we do accept international orders. International fees apply.

What is your return and refund policy? Occasionally unforeseen circumstances arise and although this is an unfortunate situation, your 50% deposit is non-refundable. Ice Cream Social LLC does not accept returns.

Can I meet with you in person?
Yes, if you are in the NY/NJ metropolitan or Los Angels area we would be happy to meet with you in person. Please contact us. We are also available for schedule Skype meetings. 

Can you assist me with copywriting?
Yes, we offer copywriting services. Please contact us for an estimate.

Will I see a proof?
Yes, you will be sent the “final proof” by email. At this time you will review and confirm all the details of your design project. We ask that you confirm by signing and sending the final approval sheet via email.

Can I make changes after I sign off on my PDF Final Proof? Once you have approved the digital proof, Ice Cream Social LLC is not responsible for any future changes or mistakes. Any changes made after the digital proof has been signed will incur additional design costs of $250 per design item. The cost for any re-printing will be quoted at that time.

What kind of printing options do you offer?
We work in a wide range of printing styles, trying to accommodate whatever works best for you project. Some printing examples we work in are Letterpress, Digital, Offset and Screenprinting. 

Do you offer web design services?
We offer front end web design services when it’s part of a full 360 degree branding system that we are developing. We do not create website designs for pre-existing fully branded companies.

How can I get an estimate?
Please contact us.

How far in advance should I contact you about my project?
All projects are different and therefore we can’t give you an exact time until we discuss your needs together. But for example, a logo design generally takes 3 weeks to a month from start to finish. Any additional branding items from there can add an additional 2 -3 weeks onto the timeline. Depending on the job, we can sometimes accommodate rush orders for an additional $500 fee.

Will I own the rights to my artwork?
Only if negotiated for a price in advance. Usage rights vary depending on the scope of your project and can incur additional fees. Usage rights will be determined before you sign a contract.  

How can I make a payment?
Ice Cream Social LLC accepts payment, payable by Pay Pal, personal check, or credit card. Credit card payments are accepted with an additional fee of 3.5% per transaction. Any returned checks will require a $50 non-sufficient funds fee and all future purchases/payments must be paid by Cashiers Check. Orders that are less then $800.00 or considered “RUSH” will require full payment upfront. Rush orders will require payment by credit card which includes a fee of 3.5% per transaction.

Are fonts, photography or any extra materials need to complete my project included in the estimate?
Any extra materials or expenses needed to complete your project will be included if discussed prior to estimation of your project. If not discussed initially they can be added on as the project progresses, but not without approval first.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We maybe Ice Cream Social LLC, but we are very anti-social when it comes to sharing your information. We respect your privacy, and we do not sell or share your email address or personal information with other companies. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.