What is Letterpress?
We love letterpress! It’s the oldest form of printing where ink is applied to raised plates, which is then pressed into thick beautiful paper leaving an impression.
It looks and feels beautiful! For examples of this printing, please see our designs in Custom Made Work

Where do I submit my wording?
Please submit your wording in the Info & Personalization Box before you place your order. Don’t forget to give us all your personal information for the selected piece as well as any special instructions or thoughts!

Can I change the wording on the piece I've selected? The wording of your invitation reflects your personality, style of wedding and family preference.  You can personalize any of our designs to say anything you’d like to say, however you’d like to say it. Please let us know what it is by entering it into the Information and Personalization box. Additionally, make sure that you give us the wording you’d like to see in the correct order, from top to bottom. If you are lost and looking for a little guidance, we recommend checking out The Knot’s Wedding Invitation Wording Samples. Please be aware that when adding or deleting copy from the original design that the design will change some to accommodate your needs. You will be shown a proof of the adjustments before any piece is printed.  

Where do I submit my colors?
Please submit your colors in the List Color Change Box before you place your order. Please use our Color Chart and reference all colors you’d like to use by name. If you would like a color sample before printing, please select the Samples icon to order Color Swatches for $5. You can list up to 5 color swatches selected from the Color Chart. Both the white & off-white paper samples will automatically be included in your sample order. 

What kind of paper do you offer?
We offer a thick 2ply matte rising board in both white and off-white. Our paper is heavyweight and smooth to the touch, it holds the letterpress impression beautifully! The Color Chart also has our paper colors listed for reference.

What does 1/1 mean?
This means that the piece is double sided, but only 1 Color is printed on each side. The colors can be 2 different colors, but 2 colors can not be combined on one side.

What does 2/1 mean?
This means that the piece is double sided with 2 Colors printed on one side and 1 Color printed on the other. 

Will I see a proof?
Before printing and assembly of your invitations begin you will be sent the “final PDF proof” by email within 3 days of placing your order. At this time you will review and confirm that every detail is perfect; the layout, type style, spelling, grammar and punctuation. If something is amiss, please reply to us with the correct revisions. We will then send you another proof for your approval. You have up to 3 rounds of revisions.

We ask that you confirm by signing and sending the final approval sheet via email or fax. Your signature is just as unique as our designs.